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ZC3-E integrated digital rebound tester

  • Commodity name: ZC3-E integrated digital rebound tester


  • Description
  • Description
           The ZC3-E integrated digital rebound tester is the reference unit of the national industry standard "Rebound Test Method for Testing Compressive Strength of Concrete" GB / T23-2011 (hereinafter referred to as the rules). The factory is carefully developed, has independent intellectual property rights, has won a number of national patents (ZL2010202044961, 201030180897.3) and can be verified on the verifier, which fully meets the requirements of the national verification technical regulation of the rebound tester "JJG817-93" and is applicable to all types of buildings Nondestructive testing of compressive strength of C10-C60 concrete in engineering.
    ZC3-EThe integrated digital rebound tester integrates all working modules in the protective cover, and integrates display, port communication, key command control, and voice in one, which greatly improves the stability and security of the system. The main functions are: sampling, viewing, setting, online and other functions. The entire machine is powered by a 1600mAh 3.7v lithium-ion battery, and adopts a 128 x 32 dot matrix LCD display. The sensor is directly connected to the motherboard and is highly integrated onboard. The keys are designed with 4 keys: left key, right key, OK key and C key, among which C key and power on key are reused. And it has the functions of automatic recording, automatic storage, automatic calculation, and automatic data processing, which greatly improves the work efficiency of sampling detection, data calculation processing, and report preparation, reduces the labor intensity of the inspectors, and reflects the scientific and advanced rebound detection Sexuality, impartiality, and accuracy.
    Shandong Leling Rebound Meter Factory is a professional manufacturer of various rebound meters, non-destructive testing equipment and rebound meter verification devices. It has a high reputation at home and abroad and is the preferred brand for inspection engineers. The help and support of the testing agency has grown. Our factory consulted the needs of the majority of inspectors, researched and improved the shortcomings of the old digital rebound tester in the industry, and developed a new generation of ZC3-D integrated digital rebound tester. Our factory always adheres to the principles of simplicity and practicality, high quality, easy to learn and understand, and easy maintenance of the mechanical part of the rebound instrument, leading the new era of digital and intelligent non-destructive testing.

    1. Connection problem: The connecting line between the main unit and the extension is always the weakest link of the old-style digital rebound tester. Due to plugging, pulling, bending, and abrasion, it is easy to cause damage and poor contact. Perform high-altitude operations or special It is also very inconvenient to have a connection line when using it. The advent of the ZC3-D integrated digital rebound tester completely solves the above problems.

    2. Random software: Computer data processing software is provided as a gift. After the sampling data is completed on site, the rebound meter is connected to the communication cable through the USB port. After transmitting the data to the computer, a test report can be generated immediately.
    3. Data viewing: After the sampling is completed, the original rebound value of the completed component, the strength value of the measurement area, and the overall comprehensive evaluation of the component can be viewed immediately.
    4. real-time clock: real-time display, recording sampling time, and can be uploaded to computer software.
    5. Real-time battery monitoring: real-time battery monitoring and depletion alarm allow users to arrange working hours.
    6. Strength measurement curve: built-in unified curve and more than 10 local strength measurement curves, passed before sampling“Set up”Platform settings。
    7. Rebounder Appearance: The design of the rebounder is beautiful, elegant, compact, and convenient. The OLED LCD screen is convenient for handheld operation and data viewing. The standardized button layout is convenient for entry.
    8. Sensor grating: High-precision rebound instrument with independent intellectual property rights fully meets the accuracy of detection data.
    9. Springback reading: The mechanical rebound tester has no obstructed slider value. The built-in LCD screen has the same mechanical indication, which is convenient for mutual verification at any time. It can be tested on the special tester of the rebound tester just like the traditional mechanical rebound tester.      Professional manufacturer of rebound instrument, strong guarantee of professional production technology of rebound instrument for more than 20 years, the national "Technical Specifications for Rebound Method for Testing Concrete Strength" (JGJ / T23-2011) participating unit Exclusively supports the "Technical Specification for Testing Concrete Strength by Ultrasonic Rebound Comprehensive Method" (CECS02: 2005). Our factory is the unit that complies with this specification. Quick, thoughtful, and meticulous service throughout the country gives customers more peace of mind.
    The main technical parameters
    The processing of testing data is based on the built-in "Technical Regulations for Testing Compressive Strength of Concrete by the Rebound Method" (JGJ / T23-2011); some provincial, municipal, and district local testing technical regulations;
    Memory storage: 128 components, up to 20480 measurement points and related data;
    Display:55x13(mm)  128x32(Dot matrix) OLED liquid crystal;
    Power supply: 3.7V lithium-ion battery;
    Power consumption: working status≤50mA(Backlight off) Standby≤10mA;
    Communication speed:115200bps;
    Metrological verification specifications: Implementation of the "Technical Regulations for Verification of Concrete Rebound Meters"(JJG817-93);
    Nominal kinetic energy:2.207J±0.100J;
    Bounce tension spring stiffness:785±40.0mm;
    Pointer length:20.0±0.2mm;
    Pointer friction:0.65±0.15n;
    Spherical radius of the batter:R25±1.0;
    Working length of bounce tension spring:61.5±0.3mm;
    Impact rod impact length:75.0±0.3 mm;
    Bouncing position of the hammer: scale“0”+1;
    Rating on the steel anvil:80±2;
    Chassis scale groove“100”Marking line position: coincides with the side of the positioning notch of the rebound tester cover;
    Check the consistency of the indication:≦±1;
    Working temperature: -4 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃;
    Installed composition
    Digital rebound tester, charger, computer program installation CD, one computer communication cable, one millstone, one manual, one certificate, one set of accessories.


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