Engineering testing and engineering acceptance play a very important role in buildings. What are the procedures for engineering testing and acceptance? Let's take a look at it together.

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In order to ensure the safety of construction projects that have been built, under construction, and construction, the foundation, construction materials, construction technology, and building structure related to buildings related to buildings are inspected during the entire construction process. Engineering acceptance refers to the construction engineering in accordance with relevant national laws, regulations and engineering construction regulations and standards. The files may be available for files, organize acceptance and prepare the "Report for Completion of Construction Projects".

After the project is completed, the construction party will set up a qualified organization for related engineering testing to complete the project acceptance. According to Chinese regulations, the product has a warranty period. If the warranty expires and the project has quality problems, it must be re -accepted to evaluate whether the construction of the project is qualified and responsible for the relevant personnel. The acceptance of the project completion project is the last step of the entire construction process and the last task of project management. This is an important part of the transformation of the project investment results into production or use, and it is also an important part of evaluating investment income, inspection design and construction quality.

1. Check whether the items are constructed in accordance with the approved design;

2. Engineering acceptance inspection design, construction, equipment manufacturing, installation and other completion projects, collect, organize, and archive related information;

3. Check whether the items meet the conditions for the next stage of operation or implementation;

4. Engineering acceptance inspection project investment control and capital use;

5. It is recommended to deal with the remaining acceptance issues;

6. Evaluate and summarize project construction.

The comprehensive acceptance of project quality includes a large amount of materials, including complete project reports, project descriptions, and project quality supervision records. After re -accepting the project, the quality inspection department will issue project quality certificates and acceptance reports after the project quality guarantee period is over. In the process of engineering acceptance, it is necessary to find out the reasons for the quality of the project and determine whether it is an artificial quality problem.

In summary, it can be seen that engineering testing and engineering acceptance have a very important role that can improve the safety of the building.