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ZC5 Mortar Rebound Tester

  • Commodity name: ZC5 Mortar Rebound Tester


  • Description
  • Description
    The mortar rebound tester of this instrument is a spring-driven rebound hammer and the restoration force of the instantaneous elastic deformation generated by the impact bar hitting the brick-like surface, so that the hammer drives the pointer to rebound and indicates the rebound distance to the rebound value. As one of the relevant indexes to evaluate the compressive strength of mortar, the compressive strength and label of mortar are estimated. It is an instrument used for non-destructive testing of the compressive strength of masonry mortar in sintered ordinary bricks of general buildings in industry and civil buildings.
    It conforms to GB / T50315-2000 standard and is portable, durable and accurate.
    The main technical parameters
    Nominal kinetic energy 0.196J
    impact hammer impact length 75±0.3mm
    friction of the pointer slider0.5±0.1N
    working length of spring61.5±0.3mm
    bouncing hammer unhooking position“100”Ruled line
    sphere radius 25±1mm
    anvil rating 74±2
    Bouncing hammer take-off position“0-1”between。



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