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Rebound tester

  • Commodity name: Rebound tester
  • Commodity ID: 1187317459808047104
  • Description
  • Description Rebounder Verifier and Rebounder Spring Tester are special measurement verification devices for the National Metrological Verification Regulation "Concrete Rebounder" JJG817-93. They are used by the concrete rebounder verification department and manufacturers. The only metering device.
    The main technical parameters Anvil hardness:HRC60±2
    Pointer length:27.5± 0.1
    Use force value weight:2kg±1 g
    Re-inspection size: see picture on the left
    Structure and composition Rebound tester  Base, steel anvil, housing positioning plate, and comprehensive testing platform bomb handle.


    Spring tension tester Calibration frame, positioning plate, horizontal frame cursor, special force value weight.


    annex One set of unassembled spring tension test fixtures (two pieces)
    A special caliper
    Extended pointer (spare)
    One hexagon wrench
    One dust cover

    Rebound tester

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