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ZC3-AA Elastic Rebound Meter

  • Commodity name: ZC3-AA Elastic Rebound Meter
  • Commodity ID: 1187317441734791168


  • Description
  • Description This instrument is a ZC3-A rebound tester that complies with the technical regulations of JGJ / T23-2001. It is used to measure the compressive strength of radon in the range of 10-60Mpa. The standard energy of the system is 2.207J. The rebound meter is supervised by Shaanxi Provincial Construction Science Research and Design Institute, the chief editor of the National Metrological Verification Regulation "Concrete Rebound Meter" (JJG817-93) and the industry standard "Technical Specifications for Testing the Compressive Strength of Concrete by Rebound Method".
    Features Adhering to the excellent quality of the ZC3-A type, the shell of the ZC3-AA rebound tester is treated with a special process. It has high hardness and no marks on long-term use. It has greatly improved the raw material processing technology and precision design life. .
    The main technical parameters Pointer length:20.0±0.2(mm)
    Pointer friction:0.65±0.15(N)
    Spherical radius of the end of the bounce rod:25±1.0(mm)
    Bounce tension spring stiffness:785.0±40.0(N/m)
    Bouncing hammer unhook position: tick mark“100”Score line
    Working length of bounce tension spring:61.5.0±0.3(mm)
    Impact Hammer Impact Length:75±0.3
    Bouncing position of the hammer: scale“0”Place
    Anvil rate setting:80±2(Our factory products are controlled between 80-81
    Boxing composition One rebound meter, fine aluminum alloy leather case, millstone, pop spring, buffer spring, screwdriver, instruction manual, etc.




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