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TH-1 Carbonation Depth Measuring Instrument

  • Commodity name: TH-1 Carbonation Depth Measuring Instrument
  • Commodity ID: 1187317432620568576
  • Description
  • Product introduction
    HT-A Carbonation Depth Detector is a product for measuring carbonation depth introduced by Shandong Leling Rebound Instrument Factory. Its technical performance and main parameters are in accordance with "Technical Regulations for Testing Concrete Strength by Rebound Method" (JGJ / T23-2011) Section 4.3 Carbonization Provisions for depth measurement.
    ★ Real-time calculation. Automatically calculate the average value of the measurement area, the average value of the component, and the maximum value after the measurement. The minimum value. Intuitive and accurate at a glance.
    ★ Automatically measure data. Press the stylus and move away to complete the measurement. Support measurement area re-measurement.
    ★ Large-capacity storage, can store 20,000 components. ★ Add low-power design, adjustable standby time and automatic shutdown time.
    Parameter index
    ★ Measuring range: 0-20mm
    ★ Measurement accuracy: 0.25mm / 0.5mm optional
    Number of storage test areas: up to 30
    Number of storage components: up to 20,000

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