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Detector for bond strength of rivets and heat insulation materials

  • Commodity name: Detector for bond strength of rivets and heat insulation materials
  • Commodity ID: 1187317428640174080


  • Description
  • ZHJM-6A intelligent high-precision rivet, heat-insulating material bond strength tester (referred to as tester) is a new type of testing instrument newly developed and manufactured by Leling Rebound Instrument Factory. It is suitable for testing the pulling strength of rivets for fixed insulation materials in construction projects, the bonding strength of wall insulation materials and the bonding strength of exterior wall facing bricks, various boards, paints and other materials. The detector is designed with mechatronics, and the whole set of instruments is a whole. The mechanical parts including handles, sensors, digital pressure gauges, stainless steel screws, and counter-force supports form a "door" structure. At the same time, the measurement display circuit is embedded in the instrument, and the data can be directly observed and saved. The detector has the characteristics of light weight, labor-saving operation of the handle, and convenient use.

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