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MT-C Rebar Corrosion Tester

  • Commodity name: MT-C Rebar Corrosion Tester
  • Commodity ID: 1187317424718499840
  • Description
  • MT-C Steel Bar Corrosion Tester

    MT-C steel corrosion tester (also known as metal corrosion tester) uses electrochemical method to measure the corrosion degree of steel reinforcement in concrete.
    Potential method and gradient method test, permanent reference electrode, and can automatically detect the link temperature.
    According to specifications
    According to the specification GB / T50344-2004 [Technical Standards for Building Structure Inspection]
    Performance characteristics
    Two test methods.
    Potential method and gradient method test, suitable for different test sites.
    Permanent reference electrode. The saturated copper sulfate solution is sealed in the reference electrode, and there is no need to change the solution before and after the test. The operation process is simple, clean and pollution-free.
    Automatic detection of ambient temperature. The instrument contains an automatic temperature measurement module, which can automatically test ‘record’ the ambient temperature on site, without the need for a separate thermometer, which is convenient and quick.
    The instrument can set the test date. Data save test date, convenient for user's data management. Intuitive display of test results. Only the icon method is used. The darker the color of the icon, the higher the probability of rust. During the test, the user can intuitively see the more rusted area.
    True USB data transfer. Quickly transfer test data to a computer for further analysis.
    Powerful professional windows data analysis and processing software. The test results are expressed in the form of graphic images (spectroscopy, contours, etc.). You can directly produce a Word test report or import the data into Excel, which is convenient and fast.
    Technical indicators
    The measurement range is ± 2000mV; the test accuracy is ± 1mV; the measuring point distance: 1 ~ 99cm can be set; the working environment requirements
    Ambient temperature: -10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃, avoid direct sunlight for a long time;
    Relative temperature: <90% RH; Electromagnetic interference: no strong alternating electromagnetic field; 5.6 AA alkaline batteries, power supply time is more than 30 hours.

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