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Rebar position tester

  • Commodity name: Rebar position tester
  • Commodity ID: 1187317422042533888
  • Description
  • ZH-80 steel bar position tester (also known as steel bar tester, steel bar tester, steel bar scanner) is used to detect the diameter, position and distribution of steel bars in existing reinforced concrete or newly-built reinforced concrete and the thickness of reinforced concrete cover.
    The instrument uses a high-speed platform to display measurement information in real time to achieve dual-range testing. The powerful Windows processing software can visualize the data graphics and display up to 6 types of test reports.
    According to specifications:
    "Concrete Reinforcement Testing Technical Regulations" JGJ / T152-2008 Performance characteristics:
    1. The instrument connector has a long service life. Using the Jemo brand connector imported from Switzerland, the service life of the instrument socket and signal cable plug is long.
    2. The quality of the signal line is good. The signal line uses the Japanese sun electric signal line.
    3. Instrument measurement is fast and accurate. Our company's steel bar tester is fast, it can accurately locate the steel bar, and the repeatability of the protective layer thickness test is good.
    4. The test probe has a long service life. The bottom surface of our company's steel bar probe uses a high-quality wear-resistant layer, and the life of the probe is several times longer than that of similar products.
    5. Single probe test. There is no need to change the probe during the test, and the dual range can be switched to ensure the test accuracy and detection depth.
    6. Real-time display of data measurement information. The test results are displayed directly on the display screen without manual involvement, which greatly improves the test accuracy.
    7. Grid scan mode and section scan mode. It can display the distribution diagram of the reinforcing bars visually. And the scanning boundary is automatically switched during the scanning process to achieve boundaryless scanning.
    8. Save the data test date. User-friendly data management

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