Several methods of nondestructive testing

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Several methods of nondestructive testing

Many non-destructive testing methods According to NASA research and analysis, it is believed that they can be divided into more than 70 categories in six categories.
However, the following are more common in practical applications:
The conventional non-destructive testing methods are:
Ultrasonic Testing (abbreviation UT);
Radiographic Testing (RT)
Magnetic particle testing (abbreviation MT);
Penetrant Testing (abbreviation PT);
Eddy current Testing (abbreviation ET);
Non-conventional non-destructive testing technologies are:
Acoustic Emission (AE)
Leak Testing (abbreviation UT);
Optical Holography
Infrared Thermography;
Microwave Testing

1. What is radiographic inspection?

The technique of detecting the discontinuity of the internal structure by using the attenuation of the rays (X-rays, γ-rays, neutron rays) as they pass through a material or workpiece is called ray detection.
The rays passing through the material or workpiece have different sensitivity levels on the X-ray film due to different intensities, thereby generating internal discontinuous images.

2. What is ultrasonic testing?

When ultrasonic waves propagate through the tested materials, the acoustic characteristics of the materials and changes in the internal tissues have a certain effect on the propagation of ultrasonic waves. The technique of understanding the properties and structural changes of materials through the detection of the degree and condition of ultrasonic waves is called ultrasonic testing.

3. What is magnetic particle detection?

Non-destructive testing method for discontinuities on the surface and near surface of test specimens using magnetic flux leakage and suitable inspection media.

4. What is penetration testing?

The capillary action of the liquid is used to infiltrate the penetrant into the open defects on the surface of the solid material. Then, the infiltrating permeate is sucked out to the surface by the developer to show the existence of defects. This non-destructive testing method is called penetration testing.

5. What is eddy current detection?

The non-destructive testing method that uses the eddy current induced in the workpiece by the ferromagnetic coil to analyze the internal quality of the workpiece is called eddy current testing.