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ZHII Floor Thickness Gauge

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ZHII Floor Thickness Gauge Product Application:
It is used to measure the thickness of non-metal plates (such as floor, concrete, rock, glass plate, etc.). It is a portable, easy to use, and accurate measurement.
According to the specification: "Code for Construction Quality Acceptance of Concrete Structure Engineering" GB50204-2002

Performance characteristics: The instrument connector has a long service life.
Adopting imported brand connectors, the service life of instrument socket and signal line plug is long; the quality of signal line is good.
The signal line adopts imported brand signal line. The line is soft, sturdy and has a long service life. There is a professional anti-fall device between the extension rod of the instrument and the probe, which prevents the large probe from falling down. Disadvantages of repeated repairs after falling.
The test distance is large.
The test distance is up to 800mm, and the test accuracy is better than other similar products.
Display measurement information in real time. Automatically read and lock the thickness of the floor without manual intervention, which greatly improves the measurement accuracy.
Instrument testing is fast.
Our company uses a high-speed processing platform to determine the thickness of the floor quickly.
The probe has a long service life. The floor of the floor probe of our company uses a high-quality wear-resistant layer, which greatly improves the service life of the probe and the instrument.
Save the test date. Convenient user data management.
Portable universal extension. It adopts telescopic extension rod and universal joint design, which is very convenient for field use.
Powerful professional windows data analysis and processing software. Test results can be represented graphically, and Word test data reports can be generated directly.
 Technical indicators:
Thickness measurement range: 40mm ~ 800mm
Maximum error of displayed value: 40 ~ 600mm ± 1mm ​​601 ~ 800mm ± 2mm
Data storage capacity: 32,000 measuring points Working environment requirements: Ambient temperature: -10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ Relative humidity: <90% RH Electromagnetic interference: No strong alternating electromagnetic field, no direct sunlight for a long time Size alkaline battery, the power supply time is more than 30 hours.
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