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Leling Concretetest Hammer Factory
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Facing brick bond strength tester

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ZH-6000C decorative brick bond strength tester (hereinafter referred to as the tester) is suitable for testing the bond strength of decorative bricks, mosaics, various boards, paints, coatings and various exterior wall building materials. This product is an intelligent high-precision bond (tensile) strength tester developed by our company according to relevant national standards and market requirements. It can not only measure the bond strength of exterior wall facings, but also detect the exterior wall. Bonding strength of insulation materials (EPS boards, SPS boards), paints and coatings.

The main body of the detector is a portable hydraulic jack, and the pressure device and the hollow jack adopt an integrated structure design, which is convenient to carry and test. The pressure display part uses the latest intelligent pressure strain gauge developed by our company, with a full Chinese operation interface, with automatic zeroing (which can eliminate measurement errors caused by friction in the hydraulic system), peak hold, fast storage, under pressure, and over-range display , Intelligent calibration and other functions.

The tester adopts the integrated design of the display instrument and the instrument host. It does not need to be connected to the instrument and can be used directly after startup.

Detector oil pump is driven by turbine and worm, manual loading. Unique and innovative mechanical design-no need to shake out the lead screw before the test, it has the characteristics of small driving torque, comfortable and reasonable shaking direction, stable and uniform loading.

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