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Leling Concretetest Hammer Factory
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Back Anchor Strength Tester

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ZH-60 Intelligent Rear Anchor Strength Detector (referred to as Detector) is a new type of detection instrument newly developed and produced by Leling Rebound Instrument Factory. It is suitable for abnormal strength inspection of new construction projects and concrete strength inspection of existing buildings, and the concrete strength detection range is C10 to C80. The post-anchor method, as a new micro-breakage method, has the advantages of high detection accuracy, small damage to the structure, simple and convenient operation, etc., and has broad application prospects, which has greatly improved the technical level of construction engineering quality inspection in China. The tester adopts an electromechanical integration design and is composed of a screw pressurized oil pump, a sensor, a digital display pressure instrument, an anchor, a drilling machine, a plastic injection positioning disk and a reaction force support ring. Because the use of high-precision, high-impedance sensors can prevent temperature drift and other electromagnetic interference, the sampling accuracy is more than double the requirements of the regulations; the appearance of the smart pressure instrument is compact and easy to carry, and the program design is highly compatible, which can directly observe and save data. The detector uses a spiral pressure feed method to apply pressure to the anchor without interruption at a uniform speed, which ensures the true validity of the test data. This machine has the characteristics of light weight, large pulling force, labor-saving operation of the handle, and convenient use. It can also be applied to other detection methods to achieve a variety of drawing force detection requirements.

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