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Leling Concretetest Hammer Factory
Leling Concretetest Hammer Factory
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ZC1 high strength steel anvil

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First, the steel anvil is a necessary calibration tool for the calibration of a rebound instrument with a nominal kinetic energy of 5.5J.
2. The other parts of this steel anvil are made of high-quality steel and high-quality tool steel. Anvil core with
The mating surface of the anvil (Mohs taper No. 4) is finely ground. The surface hardness of the anvil core is HRc58-62, and the total weight is ≥20Kg.
3. The steel anvil is generally placed on a horizontal surface to verify the rebound meter, and the rebound meter is vertical.
Perform a bomb test downward or horizontal to calibrate the rate of the rebound tester. The average value of the nominal kinetic energy of a rebound tester for a 5.5J rebound test on a steel anvil is [N] = 83 ± 2;
4. As an inspection tool, the steel anvil was bombarded 5,000 times to 8,000 times.
Later, the anvil core and the anvil body can be ground and polished on a surface grinder for reuse, but the hardness of the anvil core must still be maintained at HRc58-62, otherwise it must not be used again.
5. The steel anvil is usually kept in a dry and dust-proof place to prevent rust and bomb test.
The surface must not be bumped randomly to ensure the standard state of the inspection tool.

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